What Browser Do You Use?


From Waterfox to Firefox again.(because the security patches and stuff are more up-to-date. Search engine is searX. https://www.searx.me/


Chromium, mainly because of this post by Theo de Raadt, the lead developer of OpenBSD:


It’s a pretty harsh read for a long-term FF user like me but the bloke knows what he’s talking about.


Mmmmm, it can be true what he is saying, but there is one thing, why i dont use chromium. That is the big data machine behind chromium: google. Yes firefox isnt perfect(far away from that), but i never found an good alternative. Palemoon, Waterfox, Iridium, Inox etc. All are very fine, but they all slow down with the time alot. Add on compatibility is terrible. BUT maybe… After reading this article, i should change my browser… because it is the truth, what Theo de Raadt write/wrote. Thanks for sharing the article


Oh, I quite agree, it is a Faustian Pact with the big G: they keep you safe but they know what you’re doing…


Despite my reservations concerning google, I’ll stay with Chromium. It works and does so efficiently. Tried a switch back to FF but familiarity is 9/10 the law.


I don’t know if I’m willing to trust Opera and it’s built in VPN.

Interesting read though I don’t really want to change to Chromium.


That’s also why I use another VPN as well. But, for those who can’t afford a VPN service…whether it will not keep your browsing record, I wouldn’t say they don’t. I’m sure if the government comes knocking on their door…


Opera and little Firefox. Mainly Opera due to built in VPN. Was using Chromium with the Tunnel Bear ext for VPN, but read that Mcafee bought Tunnel bear so jumped ship from that one. So far Opera has worked well. I live abroad with a job in the US and some websites I use require me to use a VPN to access. Opera is nice since I can utilize chrome extensions and set zoom to 125% for ALL pages. I know firefox has an extension to help with that, but its a hassle lol. No clue why Firefox has not added that feature in their own settings.


Pale Moon for browsing and Basilisk for DRM content :slight_smile:


I use NordVPN, it’s not a U.S. based company, so a little more secure. I’m saying this with everything crossed, even my ears…:grin:




I think I’ll be signing up with NordVPN in the very near future.


You saw this matter -> Proxy Data Extraction Scheme

Day 30/08 the answer -> NordVPN Responds to Criticisms


Yes just as I posted this I came across the NordVPN thing.


I think web privacy is a shimmering mirage and in the end, browsing safety and privacy are directly proportional to an individual’s ability to moderate their own habits.


The company mentioned in the subject has others behind
Tesonet Data Mining Company Owns NordVPN, Protonmail, ProtonVPN


This is the last part of the a mentioned article:

But we must make something clear: there is no proof or allegation that the NordVPN app itself – or ProtonVPN for that matter – resells users’ bandwidth. While the lawsuit directly mentions NordVPN, Tesonet may well have embedded the software that enables the residential proxy network in apps other than NordVPN.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that Tesonet is clearly involved in the same business that brought scandal to Hola – and is being sued by Luminati for doing just that. This is likely to be of significant concern to anyone considering these related VPN providers as a solution for internet privacy and security.

ProtonVPN has been active on reddit in responding to these allegations. NordVPN has not yet provided us with a response to the lawsuit. Restore Privacy is in now the process of updating VPN recommendations on this site to reflect these findings.

Makes you wonder if any VPN services are trustworthy. And no matter how careful you are in your browsing habits, they will still get info on you. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: This really blows!
At the same time this sounds like mudslinging from a competitor. Who do you believe?


That’s the problem. It’s too easy to spread lies and as the Orange Muppet puts it “fake news”


False or otherwise, it is irrelevant, the fact is that we do not have privacy, we do not have security as we think we have, even exchanging software or services, than drawing so much concern and exploitation for supposedly safe or private navigation if years ago deliberately we already provided our data, just a SIm card and a smartphone that in the sequence requires an email to be what it is and fully functional, maybe here today someone does not use samrtphone but at some point already used and certainly already provided your own data for the carrier, for the email site, on social networks … anyway … this is just my opinion but I do not see future in using a different browser, I see no future in changing the search engine that is always based on another and has to follow certain commercial rules if you want to survive on the internet and the same goes for some softwares, I find that paranoid and sincerely awkward, they have created “the perfect system”, which whether or not someone has to provide the data to use any kind of web service, if there is a starting point there will always be an arrival point, this is hobvio and this will always be traceable, as we will be sure if the highest percentage of products and web servers goes through the hands of Google directly or indirectly passes, until governments are involved and know that this exists, other software companies and digital security that we have often never talked about, I do not put my hand on fire by any of these services or products as they call them, all promise a thousand wonders and sometimes the news of some involvement that does not please you arrives, we are mere users and as paying users or we are not dependent and we do not have the control that we think we have, they just let this idea of ​​acquiring a license or purchase of a service does not give the right to possession only the right to use, and this is very different from something that is really yours, I do not particularly care for this, I see these cases there are many and in the end it’s always the same thing, today the bad news comes, tomorrow the company is processed and closed and days after another is born offering the same services with different names, promises and rules but in the end have the same effect and your data continued to circulate on the network in places you will never know, no one knows, it does not matter if it is an old, new or old service which will revolutionize, whoever wants to continue using or intends to use will have to provide the data again or update, the security policies are always changing and with that a new registration or update are required, anyway, I just continue and I will keep navigating, there’s no way, it does not change, it’s no use fighting this system, it wins, it’s bigger.

This is my point of view, it is an opinion formed after almost three decades using computer / internet and I have seen this happen several times, but it is not the rule.


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