What Browser Do You Use?


It’s a very cool browser and very quick at loading pages. Quicker than chrome and opera.
My only issue with Qt browser is that there is no cookie tracking protection


Firefox is primary browser with addons. Secondary is Chromium. Worst case scenario I use IE on Window$.


The Horror!


Now thats a horror story right there.


I was just about to start a thread about this. I am using Opera and chromium currently because Firefox is very CPU heavy on my low end computers. Although I do use FF on my good computer since Quantum is so fast.

I have found that Opera offers the best balance of speed, features and being lightweight. I’m also going to try vivaldi now.


I find both Chromium and Opera heavy going but not FF.


Firefox Quantum & Chromium sometimes.


I’m still hanging out with Firefox. It’s so reliable and fast.


Firefox for ordinary use and Qutebrowser for the super speed.


Must say that I ditched Quantum for ESR 52, ESR 60 as well as Quantum 60 has been hell since the last 2-3 days if I remember well, thought it was my installs.

It s Chrome that I use sometimes on BL, not Chromium as stated above, use it not often enough.

Didn t know about Qutebrowser, might check it out. Thx mate.


Unfortunately Qutebrowser doesn’t place nicely with HiDPi for me.


It will be sometthing to remember, also use HiDPi on BL install. Thx for noting it out.

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Sorry about the bump here, been using Chrome on my BL install lately as FF got weird sometimes .

And FF on my AL install.


We don’t worry about bumping older threads, this isn’t the Arch forum :smiley:

I pretty much am 100% Firefox only. It works the best for me.


Thx, lol, you know what I mean right !lol





Been using Basilisk a bit. Successor to Palemoon, apparently. Really good project.


I need to check that out.

I was playing around with Qutebrowser yesterday, still not quite getting the hang of it.


Firefox and Opera. Even though I use a VPN, Opera also has its own browser user protection. And for my browser engine, DuckDuckGo when ever possible. :grin:


Great, I use Dogplie on my side, Also been using DuckDuckGo in the past & here & there.