What Browser Do You Use?


Installing Adaway was the whole reason behind me rooting my phone.


And away but also to get rid of the bloatware! If I want something on my devices I should be able to decide what is to be installed. Some of the bloatware is just over the top. :roll_eyes:

Do you use a custom ROM on your Android?

Let’s continue this discussion here so we stay on topic.


I see this was added to the AUR today, Inox-Beta, https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/inox-beta/

I started building it but after a couple of hours I ran out of patience. Will try again another day.


@Dobbie03 I tried for three damn hours to get that thing to compile and it kept shitting the bed about two-thirds of the way there and taking my whole box with it.


Wow! That is not good. Any idea what made it do that?


@Dobbie03 From what I can tell, at first it was becuse it doesn’t play nice with ccache. So I tried without it and it made it worse. It is the overly complicated build structure that chromium uses that just goes on and on.

30,000 steps to compile? Yeah, I think maybe they can simplify some things.


@TheJameyBear 30000 steps?! Is it trying to become its own OS within Archlabs? Something smells awful about this Inox-Beta. I am doing some serious thinking about this Inox-Beta before trying to build into my system. Makes me wonder how many tentacles are going through your files and what a nightmare it would be to eradicate, even with linux’s powerful tools. :thinking:


@sevenday4 Precisely!


I use 3 depending on my mood… FF, Brave, and VIvaldi


FF as my daily dirver on Win / AL / Android. Brave on my Tablet for some private stuff.


I just uninstalled all browsers other than Firefox Developer today. No point having them installed if I don’t use them.


mainly firefox, but on occasions vivaldi-stable, and luakit (luakit is nice! but hard-ish get get to play nice with some sites)


Firefox Quantum leaves the other browsers for dead, FF is blazingly fast.


Firefox Quantum for daily use and Waterfox for things who need more security and legacy apps.


Waterfox has never worked quite right for me. Not sure why.


I have to say, the recent add-on Firefox made for Facebook is great. It’s a container for the FB home page, which keeps it from tracking your browsing etc.


I just discovered qutebrowser due to someone around here mentioning it on another post. I like the whole concept and high level of geekyness that comes with it. It is now on my list of things to master.


that would have been @nate. He is a big fan of Qutebrowser.


@Dobbie03 You can use flag --force-device-scale-factor=2 or other zoom with Chromium based applications.

Using https://github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium myself, there are binaries available in AUR https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/ungoogled-chromium-bin