What Browser Do You Use?


I don’t often add new bookmarks so it suits me well. :slight_smile:


I’d appreciate that Matt. Thanks man, love to take a look see. Is this something which can be made to work with either Qutebrowser or Surf?


Any browser you like. The only one I haven’t got it to work with is Vivaldi for some reason. Haven’t tried it with Opera or Brave though.

CHOSEN="$(awk -F'"' '/A HREF=/ {print $2}' "$FILE" |
 rofi -dmenu -l 20 -i -fn "San Francisco Display-8" -p Bookmarks: -nb '#171717' -nf '#c5c8c6' -sb '#2f2f2f' -sf '#c5c8c6')"


Of course you need to make a keybind, and the script to be executable. DOn’t forget to change the location of your bookmarks.


Awesomeness, thank you. I’ll check this out :slight_smile:


Happy to share. Thanks goes to @natemaia for the brilliant script.


Well, thanks to both of you guys… This may actually work & give me easy access to bookmarks while using a keyboard driven browser in dwm :blush:


I mainly used it for surf but then I realised I didn’t need to use the bookmark bar anymore because of this script. Gave me even more viewing space on my monitor.


Yeppers, this may be what I’ve needed. Thanks again Matt :slight_smile:

My learning curve ain’t what it used to be… LOL


Pretty much grin and bear it.


Hehe… Tell me about it :grin:


For the first time ever I don’t have Firefox on my install. Completely 100% Qutebrowser.



I still use FF for this simply because, for some reason qutebrowser takes about 5 times long to load than FF. Once its loaded it works like a charm. But loading - I thought I was on dial up.


Wow! Completely the opposite for me. Qute is so fast man.


I’m definitely going to look at Qute and surf. I may be used to my creature comforts of FF, but I have a habit of using Opera as a container. In other words, I will often open my old Gmail account in it, while surfing in FF. Or, I’ll load Mastodon in Opera, because I’m not crazy about any of the desktop clients. Opera is now based on Chrome though, I believe. Webkit, right? So, yeah. I’d like to get away from that.

EDIT: It really feels impossible to use anything besides webkit, right? Like there’s no active browser development not using it?