What Browser Do You Use?


Good Labsters!

I thought I might start a topic on 1) what browsers we use as AL users and 2) why and 3) for what?

I use Pale moon for general browsing, since it has its own add-ons that are very security and privacy orientated and doesn’t break sites. Things I am against are cookies and HTML canvas fingerprinting, Javascript and flash. Pale Moon also has a very low memory footprint compared to Chrome and even FIrefox.

Then I use Waterfox for all my login pages, forums etc.

I then also use Basilisk for fun (and to keep track of its development). Basilisk is an experimental browser built by the Pale Moon team, that looks a bit more modern. Both Pale Moon and Basilisk are forks of Firefox.

I occasionally use Firefox to see how the development is going.


I use Firefox Developer. Mainly because I have always used FIrefox and that’s pretty much it :slight_smile:


Chrome for work & Chromium for personal use.


Chromium/Chrome just doesn’t play nicely with 4k for me. I probably could spend sometime looking into why, but I don’t use it enough to care.


I used Firefox a lot, but find that I am using Chromium more these days. Seems to play nicer with streaming services.


Firefox mostly, but it’s been having some issues on my hardware lately so I’ve been using Opera/Vivaldi as backup.


Firefox as well…
In some resource limited laptops, Vivaldi.
Previously used mainly Chrome, but moved to Firefox a couple of years ago.


Ff and vivaldi. Tried chromium and chrome but I just prefer ff - especially the more recent releases. Vivaldi is quite fun and looks slick but I just have a few issues with it that stop me using it as my main browser.


Again, that’s another browser that doesn’t scale nicely for me.


Back in the day, when I made the switch from windows to Linux, I was crazy about ff but during the time when chrome came out and ff had that issue where it would hang upon closing in Linux, I began to use chrome more and more. Google’s Chrome is required for work and I continue to use Chromium personally because I just find it’s layout to be more comfortable to use, it’s more responsive but perhaps most importantly, it’s consistent over releases. What just worked yesterday, works today and will work tomorrow.


FIREFOX…chromium and chrome seems to be clumsy and not very user friendly. Especially when you are going to do development work. For their namesakes they need to polish these browsers quite a bit. I haven’t tried vivaldi, so I can’t really say anything one way or the other about that one.


Firefox and the browser that shall not be name! :wink:


Firefox almost exclusively now. I was a Chrome guy for years and I came back when Quantum dropped and haven’t looked back.


Quantum has made a huge difference to Firefox.


Ahhhhhh, @AvnSgt I have forgotten about that one! Lol Very covert of you. :grin:


I am using FF as well (since it got nice and fast again), but I have to disagree with you regarding FF and development work. All browsers suck for developers, but for me, chromium was the least sucky. And, in some cases, luakit was a dream to use.

I miss ‘the old web’, before it became infested with javascript, commerce and terms like ‘UX design’ and the idea that video is better than text.


@pitje I agree that all browsers are a nightmare to work with. But, chrome for what ever reason seems to fall behind and its codes can be convoluted. I do use java and am learning lua. I use java mainly for android but that being said, Google needs to revisit chrome. With FF I have an easier time interfacing XML files as well as with databases. FF is more streamlined and can emulate more cleanly. But, it also has some hiccups that you have to watch out for when you are interfacing with FF in your code.


@pitje oh, by the way buddy, I too miss the ‘old web’. I think they make things more complicated than it needs to be. ADVERTISING!!!auugh!


I’ve not yet managed to fully root my phone, and I now notice the insanity that is prevented by an adblocker.

Ah well, one more thing for my list-of-things-that-suck-hopelessly-and-that’s-not-a-matter-of-opinion-but-the-plain-and-simple-truth-and-if-you-don’t-agree-you-also-suck :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the big disadvantage of me getting older: I’m turning into a cranky old man, remembering the old times when everything was better.


@pitje well you are becoming an old man, I am an old man! Lol I used to take my dinosaurs out on walks! When the flood receded, I was there to welcome Noah and his family back to dry land. Lol I am debating on whether I am going to root my galaxy s8. I did root my galaxy s3 tablet. But usually I wait and make sure I have a backup of the firmware. You can’t make phone calls using a brick after all. But, pretty much every android device I’ve owned I’ve rooted. Some I have even installed custom ROM onto them. But have you noticed that it’s getting more difficult to root devices these days than it was in way back when?:roll_eyes:
And so goes the ramblings of a cackling old goat.