What Book are you Reading?


Looks like a nice book, hopefully you re not too sick & get better soon !

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Thanks friend @altman. I have insomnia and it causes me a lot of anxiety some nights. I haven’t been able to go to class. When I’m like this I can only relax reading during the day in the bed.

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Gee that sux, get well soon @Negata .

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Adam Roberts, By Light Alone

A science fiction novel set in a future where people have been genetically engineered to photosynthesise through their hair, thus eradicating hunger. But this is no utopia…

The prose is nothing short of stunning, an amazing read.

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Finished It, again so I am now on to Lord of the Rings, its been a long while since I read LOTR and I’m loving it.

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Trying to digest this loaf of bread…



reading the french version but I like it so far ! (i’m about a third of it)awking


Have not read it but ordered it, not from amazon though.

This is a real women imo.


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Looks like an interesting book !

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Just finished Dark Eden by Chris Beckett, it’s about the paleolithic descendants of a couple marooned on a planet without a star; highly recommended.

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I’m currently reading The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King


Re-read Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Read it back in High School when it was fairly new (date myself with that comment); and found it amusing. Laughed my ass off now that I’ve lived through it.


I just finished " Steps Ascending: Rise of the Unarmed Forces" by Matt Griffin. It’s the story of the company Combat Flipflops. It’s a quick interesting read.

Just started “Excommunicated Warrior: The 7 Stages Of Transition” by Nick Koumalatsos
I tend to lean towards non-fiction stuff.


Yesterday night im beginning with “Gruppenbild mit Dame” - Heinrich Böll. I like it so far.
At the day time im “reading/looking” “Future Subjunkies” - Seyfried/Ziska. A Comic from the 90ies i think.

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Well been reading Persuasion by Tom Gorman on & off on my waiting times on the job.


Good read @subjunkie, I love seyfried /ziska!

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@entr0py Yes they are amzing comic artists. First i read Future Subjunkies in 1993 in my Teenie years and 2 weeks ago i was in Berlin in a comic shop and i found Space Bastards and i buy it directly and this comic was amazing too. I love it.


Thank you for your inspiration!

I did not know, they had Eyephones back in 1991 :smiley:


Ich liebe dieses cover. Love it!

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