What Are You Listening To




feeling psychedelic -


Gee, must ve been a thousand years that I haven t heard that tune @PackRat !


@PackRat just last week finished watching some PF clips of that venue. Good heavens they were just kids! Back in the day when you could release a popular major label album to be digested in whole. Several Rush albums come to mind, but aside from Radiohead and a few others these similar multi-generational concept artists are now difficult to find.




I need to run that video at least once a month, for my mental well-being.


one of the best comments on that video:

When I’m shopping over at the grocery store, why don’t they play this?


Epic. I have Live In Pompeii ion DVD.


Some tallica…

Back in the day…


Bit of Neurosis tonight.


Some more…


Some easy listening @s7l ! lol Wakes someone up right !



This will wake ya neighbors!

Used to listen to this bad boy back in the day in my 400 HP Calais, complete with tapedeck and digi display!


lol, you bet ! Like that band also.






Checkmate! :smiley:


@nwg, something I have been trying to say for ages has been proven :smiley:


Good to learn about it. Especially while watching a 3-year-old Japanese girl playing Beethoven. :smiley: