What Are You Listening To



Perfect to start the day :metal::metal:


I was listening to sepultura back in 1991. I had chaos AD on cassete tape, Roots bloody roots on cd…years later i bought roorback on tape and was blown away… among the bBest metal there is imo, pioneers.

Speaking of pioneers i quite like this band JInjer, little bit screamo, little bit meshugga offbeat metal…


@s7l, to me Roots was sell out. Max had far too much control over the band and he has proven himself many times to be a trend hopper. Andreas is the man, really under-rated and the Post Max stuff (in my opinion) leaves Chaos AD and Roots for dead.





Have to agree there, post max they did some pretty good stuff and i listened to it all through the 2000’s. Like this one from Dante XXI
Brutal video…


Bit of acca dacca tonight,


This is really cool if you are into guitars and Metallica


Nice guitar ! Must be expensive as well.


Pretty good, guess that I have never heard this band before.


I dunno about female fronted Metal bands. It all seems so gimmicky. Why do you never see these bands with an average looking female fronting the band? They are all hot as fuck. That to me is a gimmick.



I’m also with the distortion. With headphones because it’s too early, 6:45 :coffee:


@negata 6:45? It is not too early! Plug out your headphones and pump up the volume! :grin:


Unless he wants to wake up everyone ! lol


I dont find that women in jinjer all that attractive, plenty of metal women who look okay, not hot though. Its not about looks anyway, the music is more important than that side of things.


@altman @subjunkie Sometimes I think about waking up the neighbors. My roommates don’t care about the volume. But my hedonistic neighbors may have a heart attack or I have to fight with them


lol, you bet !