What Are You Listening To






Some jazz in there @McQ . Love jazz.


Some Raw Power…


Flippin 'eck, I’m sort of back. Gonna try to keep an eye on the forums regularly again. Been stuck in coding and feeling like I’m not getting too far (although I look at my notebook and the folders and files I’ve generated and I realise differently lol). Here’s what I’ve been listening to whilst coding away… it makes me feel like… I dunno… I’m an atheist but, well, if the gods are anywhere, they are hiding in art :wink:


Fire and Ice - The Eye


My Grado headphones love this


Epic! and beautiful!


Thanks! I once listened to Jazz a bit casually but when I came upon Art Pepper it was if my brain came alive with the epiphany that Jazz is possible of creating. Since then I’ve been an avid collector of traditional Jazz quartets.




Rotting Christ.


Cold World - Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First 2008 (Full Album)

mad album…




I can see that you re still on some easy listening @Dobbie03 ! lol


Don’t be put off the name, they are surprisingly easy on the ears. Especially their mid period.


Yep less heavy than some bands.


Their early stuff and latter stuff heads back in the Black Metal realm but the middle albums are more Gothic and still really good.


Yep , listening to it right now, that s for some change on my end ! lol