What Are You Listening To



You mean the 2002 NT7 asteroid?

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’intrate.


well, it’s about damn time. It’s a little late.

No man, just being my Irish facetious self. It’s a birth defect :stuck_out_tongue:



I still remember when I as teenager went to the record store and listened! Had actually never heard anything like it before that! And it’s still fresh!!



Scorpions? Gosh, if from Germany, I’d prefer this:


Have you watched their live in Paris DVD? Really amazing show.


Not yet. Sounds like a plan on Saturday evening.


Highly recommend it.


Rush are amazing. To me most of their albums sound like they just came out yesterday.


Saw Scorps three times in LA. Great shows.


Always loved that tune

The original version;




Dream Theater.

I have never really liked DT that much but they have really clicked today.


Well, I got tired after 10 minutes. Too much show, not enough music. Watched this instead:


Love DT, got that cd in the car.


ODB is fun to listen to!


Totem Skin ‎– Weltschmerz (2015)



Sounds good!! @subjunkie I think you like this band , I’m listening to them now

Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind (2012)


Yeah the intro is long but so worth it.