What Are You Listening To




This was one of my most listened to albums last year.


K, @altman Love the Stream of Instrumentals and have it bookmarked! Awesome. That may be a goto for a while.

@Dobbie03 Really like Soen and listening now. Will check into Monolithe.

Thanks fellas


They still have the harsh vocals but as the songs are so long you get more music than vocal.


Lol, listening to it right now, good for a little while.


Listening to 'Cognitive", perhaps the third tune. Really like it. If I get a death growl… I’ll just delete the tune. Love what I hear, so far. Thanks man

I remember slapping my head on my buddies '79 Ford van’s dash to ‘Hell bent for leather’. lol


lol , those were the good years right @anon37345411


I’d love to say yes @altman but I can’t remember many of them. :joy:

Kidding, yes sir… They were the shite for sure :wink:


You won’t like it for sure, but I need some peace after a damned day at work.



You kidding? Mark Knopfler? One of the all time greatest guitarists? Hell yes… Love um. :grin:

I’m just trying to not get old and stale… It happens :frowning:


Been years that I haven t listened to Dire Straits .



When I was 20, we would spend nights on playing bridge with this one and “Alchemy” in the background.


Ain’t it weird? Seems like yesterday huh?



Well, not really. Haven’t seen any of the players for years. Not sure if they’re still alive.


LOL, I feel much better now. Thanks

Think I’ll go and build a big boat, or something lol


lol, check on SV Seeker then, he s in Tulsa Oklahoma & on YT.


Like this tune.

A little bit of death growl but not bad.


Sooo, On a lighter note… The world ends tomorrow :joy:


lol, would not surprise me ! lol