What Are You Listening To




@Dobbie03, never heard of Cult Of Luna but that’s got to be one of the most badass names for a band.

I really need to expand my listening repertoire :confused:


Yeah they were truly one of the greatest, but apparently they have disbanded. I did not know that. :open_mouth: Fortunately we have a lot of great music from them to enjoy. :slight_smile:

Coroner, another classic band! Have not listened to them in many years now.




A total King Diamond rip off, but pretty sweet.


Some easy listening again ! lol




Oh yeah, this is some killer Death Metal! Outre-Tombe.



A request;

I’m honestly trying to broaden my musical taste, are there any current metal bands without the death growl vocals?

I tried listening to Cult of Luna and loved the way it went until… The growl. Sorry, can’t deal with that.


Not really, you’d probably be better off checking out some of the Progressive Metal bands. Try Soen as a start.


You might like Dream Theater @Glenn .


No, tried Dream Theater lol Thanks @altman

Opeth is considered prog metal, isn’t it Matt?



That’s not bad @altman. What I listened to before was different. I kinda like this


Yes say, Blackwater Park onwards. I would recommend them and Soen, if you like long songs check out Monolithe from France.


I shall :blush:


One of my fav; an instrumental compil


Just saw this, never heard of this band, but know the bassist;& the drummer as well


Some MacAlpine;