What Are You Listening To







Without headphones and at full volume!!! This band was a discovery for me, I like it


Today i have my Melvins day and i thought i share a nice song.


And my all time favourite band < Angry Samoans>



@subjunkie I like those bands from the 80s. He reminded me of this


yes, i know Eskorbuto. In the “past” i like them a lot. Was a good band. Spain, or?



Yes @subjunkie it is the great punk band of the 80s in these lands. But I started listening to it in 2002 when I was 14 years old.


@Negata I started with 14 too. 1990. Damn. So long ago. And now i listen different types of music, cause there is so much good music outside. But the world is crazier and uglier than in the past. So i listen sometimes the good old punk bands, cause sometimes i want real attitude and not the new " elitist Hipster Punk" nowadays, who has more rules than any state of the world. You have to say that and that not, you have too look like that and not like that and so on. F… that!


We were little punks @subjunkie!!
Now with 30 I also listen to a lot of different music. Sometimes I like to go back to those roots and distortions of the 80s. Between 14 and 19 I only went to punk and hardcore concerts&festivals. Those years taught me not to duck my head and overcome problems with attitude.


@Negata Exactly that.




It’s good stuff.






I’m watching the video Homo Homini Lupus, track 2. It’s a little comic-movie.


Sigh are a band I listen to rarely, but they deserve more love than they get.


It’s cold here, nothing better than a coffee and Kvelertak to warm up !!