What Are You Listening To



I haven’t heard this in years, man I have missed this.




Birds In Row - France




:coffee: I’m listening to the discography of these guys since yesterday. Sometimes I look at posters of future concerts, and I discovered them a few weeks ago.


Between the Buried and Me

Quickly becoming a favourite.


Can’t wait to fix my Grados so I can hear everything, rather than listening on charity shop speakers


You reminded me of a band I saw once… Foreboboding Ether



Not a Damn thing.

Sometimes silence, like ignorance… Is Bliss







These guys have the worst album covers but they make up by making the best music.



Band manager: Alright guys, we need to make a new song. Any suggestions?

Person1: Death metal!

Band manager: Good, what should the lyics be about?

Person2: Let it be about the unity in nature and how we are one with our world?

Band manager: In a death metal song???

Person3: Actually let’s make it a little bit folkish.

Band manager: A… folkish… death metal… song? How do we aim to do that?

Person4: Let’s add a flute.

Band manager: Ok, so that covers the ins…

Person4: and a Mandola!

Band manager: Might be a little too much, but I think we can…

Person4: and a Viola!

Band manager: We’re taking this a little bit too far

Person5: and my Hurdy-gurdy!

Band manager: The f**k is that???

Person1: The setting guys, the setting! Let’s shoot somewhere gothic.

Person2: But cut to some forest shots to accent the folkish parts.

Band manager: Are you people serious? This is ridiculous. We can’t just…

Person6: Is it too late to include a harp?

Band manager: F**k it, do whatever you want."


lol, good one, wonder with all the musicians there how they re making any money at all.


Metallica have a lot to answer for…

^ That song was released just after the start of the first Gulf War and was banned by the BBC because it was about endemic racism in the British Army :sunglasses:


They made sure to conscript a load of Jamaicans before the start of the last one so it’s all ok. God save the Queen. I mean it, maaaaan. :wink:


Crisix - Spain

4 - Perseverance