What Are You Listening To



Too bad , doesn t work on my end, no google on my install.

Edit: on my browsers/ search engines


I tried to get rid of Google many times, but I failed. Firstly: it still happens to me to get back to my old Android apps (which I hate). Secondly: I still have over 100 GB of Google drive (given together with my Chromebook), and I happen to use it. And last, but not least: I couldn’t live w/o hundreds of my bookmarks synced between devices.


Well , that s very true , good thing that I don t use google drive

I can understand that you re using it somehow.


@DatNobleSavage, most of the time I do, sometimes I forget. That band is Lago.

@nwg Thyrfing are amazing.


No music, especially loud music tonight. I’ve suffered from a pain in my left foot for last 3 days, and lately from fever. Not to kill my wife w/o metal is difficult enough. :wink:


Not good dude, hope you get better soon. Metal heals all.

Lago - USA


Hissing - USA


Morbid Angel - Blessed Are the Sick


Epic album.


Infernal Coil - USA

Man, this crushes.


Lantern - Finland


Do they sing about pro-contraception topics or something?

Whoops, I read it wrong. On another note, I gotta start painting again so I can get famous on the cover of a black metal album heheh

How do your neighbours feel about you, Mr Dobson? :grin:


When I was younger I was not well liked by my neighbours. I use headphones now :smiley:


Yeah - I used headphones now so as to not hear the neighbors complain about me :wink:


@Dobbie03 @Chris Headphone thread incoming?


Maybe I should just edit the thread title?


I like to say, Mooo (a little “something different”), lol
Sorry - I had A Christmas Story running in my head where that kid with the goggles was standing in line and looked at Ralphie and was saying stuff like: I like the Wizard of oz, etc. So - Meh, I digress



Are you on the pop again @Chris?


LOL! That is as bizarre as my post, lol