What Are You Listening To


You mean Highway Star? Right, he’s much better at covering Adele. :slight_smile:


That makes for a change, never heard about this band before, thx for sharing @chris60601


Yup Highway Star.

This guy that does all these covers grinds my gears big time. I don’t know why I just find him irritating as a boil on the arse.


I think that’s because what he does with covers, isn’t what I would really call metal. I mean, its entertaining and a few songs are done well. No doubt he has recoding abilities but as being a true metal performer, that may be questionable (of course, I haven’t delved into much more than some of his covers - so I could be very much wrong).

That’s my take on why you might feel that way. I mean, the things I seen you post, no way does his stuff measure up. Does that make cense?


Everything about him just reeks “more youtube views”, I’m probably showing my age but I don’t get the whole YouTube entertainer thing. He actually gets a little boring, I’ve watched most of his videos and they all follow the same pattern.

Musically I think he is very talented but yeah it’s probably the Elitist Metalhead in me coming out here… :slight_smile:

P.S. this just my opinion which everyone is welcome to ignore :smiley: I’m not wanting to start off a flame war.


Nope - I agree with you. The end of his clips are telling with the sales pitch. So I think that’s spot on.


Slægt - Denmark

I love these guys!

I get he probably is making a semi-living from these as I’m sure no one uploads this many videos for no reason but he really needs to put up some original stuff.


In The Woods… - Norway.


Hammers of Misfortune - USA





Oh Meshuggah, how I love thee!



Dying Fetus - USA


Origin - USA


Outer Heaven - USA


Slugdge - UK


Sulphur Aeon - Germany.



Just finishing up