What Are You Listening To











The mighty Moonsorrow!



Loved this band back in the day…

UFO -Lights out


Never got into UFO.

Mantar from Germany.


Voivod from Canada.


Seen Voivod as an opening act for Mercyful Fate in Montreal in the 80s while in high school ! That was some show. lol


You lucky bugger! Two of my favourite older bands in one shot!


Yep ! lol As well as Iron Maiden in those years, Twisted Sisters was the opening act . It was organized by one of my friends in high school, which he was organizing. So it let us to see those shows in Mtl by bus. which was almost an hour from where we live.

This Voivod / Mercyful Fate show we went on with my ride with 2 other guys I know. It was a blast, I didn t hear anything at scholl the next morning ! lol It came only in the afternoon ! lol


That’s awesome. I’m not a big Twisted Sister fan but would have loved to see them in the height of Live awesome back in the 70’s.


I love these guys.


@Dobbie03 , wasn t a fan of the Twisted Sisters but it was cool to see them live.I was only knowing one song at that show ! lol

As for Maiden it was their Live After Death show.