What Are You Listening To


The Atlas Moth


Was thinking about this tune earlier for some odd reason.

Beastie Boys -(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)



lol, remember that one !


Weird Finnish Death Metal by Khanus


An epic end to the weekend.


Not so Epic but decent enough.


I use drums. Hopefully I am not communicating with someone who is deaf! Besides, I quit smoking years ago. :joy:


@sevenday4 , lol you bet mate !


Led Zeppelin + Billy Squier + Rush = Greta Van Fleet

The good old rock in the 21st century, young people are good!



Wow, thx mate, never heard about them before, a nice addition . Keep them coming up !


Y&T - Barroom Boogie

Got to meet Dave Meniketti a few years back, very likable guy.


Another fav



Journey & Heart, can’t beat that hit list. Man, I had a serious thing for Nancy Wilson back in the day :star_struck:


@Glenn , guess that you weren t alone about some female singers !lol


RIP -Ty Longley


@Glenn , hair metal years! lol Good song.


Certainly the era but they were different somewhat and more of a blues sound imo.

@altman We’d need a whole different thread to list all the 80’s & 90’s power ballad bands… lol


Lol, yep Dobbie must not like those !


No not a fan at all. but to each their own :smiley:

Some light listening for a Saturday arvo.