What Are You Listening To


lol, my highschool memory years ;


A bit of live Converge.


Even more Converge.


Jane Doe live.


Slough Feg


Green Carnation, looking forward to the live DVD of this coming out next month.



Somewhere, to relax
I will ask the angels to sing for me
For who have faith
Life never ends

I show an excerpt, a passage from an old book
To prove to you and show that life is beautiful
Hard, suffered, careless in any continent
But good to live anywhere

One of the most beautiful lyrics I’ve ever seen!



Nice, it makes for a change on my end. Nice to see,hear some other types of music.


As he says; For those who have faith, life never ends! :+1:

Good music exists anywhere, I hope you enjoy it! :sunglasses:


@m.rogers, you bet !


NIN - Bad Witch / Love the new Album…




R.I.P. Mark Shelton.


@Dobbie03 , I see that you still listen to easy listening music ! lol j/k. That must kick some a$$!


Every day mate, every day.


lol, great, keep it on mate.


Some classic Maiden;


Great song. For me Maiden are perfection up until Powerslave. After that I feel they lose their way.

New YOB album


@Dobbie03 , yep, like repeating themselves so to speak, but it worked for them.


It did…