What are you eating?


Tell us! Tell us more!

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My eldest and I cooked dinner tonight.

Baked tumeric chicken legs with a spicy risotto. Delicious. My boy can cook, man.


That sounds amazing, I wish I could cook — I’m munching on toast at the moment :cry:


If you had a son like mine you wouldn’t need to cook :smiley:


You are indeed blessed :slight_smile:

Our granddaughter is learning to cook now but… [whispers] it’s not the best…


Well later today we will be eating Ethiopian courtesy of my wife. Simple, shiro which is ground chickpeas and spices in sort of a paste… and Kitfo which is raw beef just slightly warmed in a warm spiced butter…all eaten on injera the Ethiopian bread that also serves as your knife, fork, and spoon.


My cooking skills don’t go past following the instruction how to microwave what’s in the pack. Drive test tomorrow so didn’t go shopping nor I can leave the house.
If wasn’t for home delivery I’d be eating the cat food today.
Well, if I had a cat…


lol, pretty much the same in addition of cereals & toasts as well as the Keurig coffee machine ! lol

Good luck with the exam @pippo

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Thanks, man. That’s how I feel now (without the smile):


(begin sheepish grin) So, bake, broil or bbq?!?! (end Sheepish-Grin)


lol, bad boy @Chris


LOL - could… not… resist…
But seriously - right now, just fried eggs and some toast. Breakfast for lunch.


You bet ! lol


@pippo you’ll pass. Just have confidence in the knowledge that you have learned.
My wife and I both know how to cook. We both learned how at a young age. We also know how to cook using recipes, then modify to our tastes. But once in a while, we fail. Oh well, try again…

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What ever you choose, your slice of human flesh will be perfectly cooked.


@Dobbie03 LOL - well played, sir - well played!

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I have corrected my pisspoor grammer :slight_smile:


Blah - nothin wrong with a bit of humor :wink:

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As “humanly” possible. Lol

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This morning/noonish … well kinda feeling lonely being separated from the wife and dogs thus no appetite … so home roasted coffee and listening to some Filter … losing weight but I’d rather eat some wife cooking and be fatter yah know … the Ethiopian sounds interesting but I’m curious what the undercooked beef is like? Interested but hesitant.

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