What are you drinking?



Yeah last night I was on the BBQ so the beers were flowing. Feeling good today though!

Just had my first morning coffee, about to boil the jug for another.


@Glenn Water that clears the mind, as my mother says :sunglasses:

At this time I have a decaffeinated coffee and a mixed cigarette. My whole family has a headache, I just had a glass of wine at dinner.


I rarely overdo it but yep, had fun last night! :yum:

Feeling much better now.


Since it’s still New Year evening here, I’m about to open what we call “Baltic porter” here. Most of you would rather say “imperial stout”.


Sounds delicious


Tastes the same, if decently chilled. :slight_smile:


I m too old for parties like these ! lol


Sounds good @nwg !



mmm coffee!


Already out of date.



Your mouse is nearly as tall as your beer! :stuck_out_tongue:


If the mouse wasn’t a Christmas gift, it would have ended up in the drawer a week ago.


I’m thirsty for a dark beer now!


My fav Baltic Porter. Strong as hell.


Oh, nicee @nwg


I’d normally say ‘is there any other kind?’. However, I was drinking lite beer on New Years eve and after several days… Really wish I hadn’t. Worst hangover I’ve ever had. :frowning:


Hell, this year neither Xmas nor new year gave me a headache. I must be getting old.


lol, welcome to the Old Farts Club !


Thank you! BTW: some time ago on Manjaro forum I saw a “How old are you” coming out thread. This would clarify some things.