What are you drinking?



I have only had a taster and it was good. It’s a locally brewed beer.


Actually not yet. They’re cooling down in the garage.


Oh, looks tasty !


I’ll tell you tomorrow. :wink:


lol, if you re able to wake up early enough after that hard tough night ! lol

Edit: Anyways have a great one @nwg !


I hope to. After far too large and too long eve dinner, I am resting with a glass of brandy. :smiley:


lol, it helps with sleeping matters lol


I always coffee :coffee:. I do not like alcohol. But on special occasions a good wine never fails, and always with food.


Since it s Christmas, coffee/cognac.


My morning coffee.

Off to Mum and Dad’s for second Christmas very soon. :slight_smile:


My morning cup of black coffee. Drinking some very nice coffee my boys got me for Xmas.


Oh lucky man ! Good quality coffee I don t have, might have a look in a couple of weeks locally if it s available somehow.

Diet soda on my end.


I’ve nearly finished it so I need to get some more today.


Brandy. Secretly, at the cinema. :slight_smile:


Bad boy ! lol


They all do the same here. :slight_smile:


Not here, I don t drink much , like 2-3 drinks a year & I don t go to the cinema for years ! Guess the last time was when I was 18 I guess, which been over a thousand years ! lol


I go once a year since they started making new Star Wars episodes. Come to think of it - my wife and I went to the cinema together last time in 2001. :smiley:

For now - home, sweet home again.


Since it s New Year s Day here, some coffee/cognac.


Had guests last night till about 3am. Woke with a trash-can head.

Coffee this morning and it’ll be water for the rest of the day.