What are you drinking?



Yep , been like that for the lasyt couple of years.


Water, water, water!

Sorry, was that redundant? :grin:


Not exactly. Seems I bought all drinks except water. Thanks for the reminder!


I was also just drinking some water.


Christmas day… May be a different story :blush:


lol, you bet @Glenn

My eternal black crappy keurig black coffee on my side .lol


I hear ya man but those machines will make you grow hair where you don’t want it…

Woooosh :sweat_smile:


lol, you bet @Glenn


On that note, think you and I are the only two legged animals awake at this time in N. America @altman :grin:

Just a pot of maxwell house here :+1:


Yep , early birds right !

Have a great one @Glenn


@altman, you too man :slight_smile:


The morning coffee.


Like @PackRat I am drinking my morning coffee. A nice hot, black coffee.


I have now moved on to afternoon coffee.


I’m onto my second coffee of the day. Glad I am on holiday actually.


Another black coffee here also.


Evening coffee here


Just awaiting Poppa Dobbie to arrive and gonna get into some Revelry Lager.


Man, have no idea what that is but it just sounds good.


Same here, kind of a good beer.