What are you drinking?



Have one on me ! Sorry for your loss in ther @Dobbie03 .

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@Dobbie03 My condolences Matt. Morning here, so I raise my coffee cup to your Grandfather.


Thanks guys. We weren’t close but he was my Mum’s father and they were very close. I am most upset for Mum and the fact I can’t be with her right now.


My eternal morning black coffee looking at F1 s qualifs as well as AL forum.


On very rare occasions I do enjoy a good single malt whiskey. Everyday drinks are, coffee, black, and water of course.


Same here, a couple beers with friends & family or a few quality shots of tequila every once in a while. Otherwise, coffee and water person too.


I like hoppy beers like ipa’s, this is one of my fav’s.

On the subject of Guinness, traditionally I could have 1 and be good, in the USA that is. So my wife is part Irish, her family being from Rhodes in county Offaly. Last year we went to Ireland and did a small loop mostly on the east side. My only request was get me the hell outa the city (Dublin) ASAP. So alot of small towns and tight roads. Anyway the Guinness was so dam good from the tap. I could easily drink 6 or so before I knew it. Better than most any other tap beer ever I recall drinking. Not even in the same league as canned or tap Guinness in the USA. All I can say is tap Guinness in Ireland is AWESOME. People were way friendly and it wasn’t really hard to adjust to driving round in the rental car. Good time.

ooo yeah, and Kilbeggan whiskey was my* fav whiskey I tried. Preferred it over Jameson and Tullamore.


Nice trip in there @FluffyUnicorn

My eternal black morning coffee here.


Yeah coffee time here too.


Yep, now with my afternoon coffee as well.


I need an eternal cup of coffee, never gets empty or cold.


Lol, that would be great !


Some other black coffee for a change ! lol


Billionaire overnight if you invent that.


lol, you bet @PackRat


A nice cup of… you guessed it, coffee.


Nicee !


Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

I planned to put two bottles in the snow, but it melted down completely.



Looks like some good beer @Dobbie03 . Too bad the snow melted, same thing in here.

My eternal black crap coffee.


It happens every Christmas.