What are you drinking?



@altman I hear that! I’ll be making a run to the market later though, getting low. Can’t have a coffee emergency.


@Glenn , no coffee emergency , imagine how bad it would be ! lol


So, you’re at DEFCON 2?



Close, the situation’s dire and without my coffee, the prognosis is grim.

Not much of an alcohol drinker especially beer but damn! Gotta have the joe!


Currently enjoying a Moa Station IPA. Very nice though I am missing my Guinness.


@Dobbie03, Miam miam !

Same sh!t on my side ! lol




Wow, looks tastier than my diet soda ! lol


I only really drink at parties, but my favorites are jager and any irish whiskey (and beer of course) lol


Irish whiskey s sounds tasty ! Black coffee on my side( Morning time here)


Black coffee is the only way to have coffee, currently sipping on it right now :slight_smile:


Yep, black coffee or no coffee right ! lol


Irish coffee being the only acceptable exception. (maybe not in the morning)


@pippo, lol, you bet !


English Tea Tetley before drive to airport to pick up mrs.neilypops :heart_eyes:


@mrneilypops , looks tasty !

Weird, never seen it before or never noticed it, will have a look from now on.


Drinking some Corona with some very nice limes tonight.


Looks like a good plan !

Black coffee in the morning(here).


A nice glass of Pale Ale in honour of my Grandfather who passed away about an hour ago.


Sorry for your loss, Matt