What are you drinking?


Yeah its not a good thing. A trip to the supermarket is in order I think.


Or a specialty coffee shop that will cost an arm & a leg ! lol


Dos Equis Ámbar. Smooth. Good flavor.


My eternal morning black coffee.


Some low quality black coffee again this morning . Need it . lol


Water, coffee, orange juice and rarely milk. :slight_smile:
No alcohol for me…



Not much alcohol on my end also.




Yeah ! lol






wow, not any coffee ! Some Linux coffee ! lol

Edit: Nice mug by the way.


Some black coffee as usual.


Simon Pils :heart_eyes:




@mrneilypops , looks tasty !


Great beer…especially in summer.
I think it is the last truly independent brewery in Luxembourg.


@mrneilypops , yep, looked at your link, nice !


@mrneilypops That really does look seriously tasty :slight_smile:


Weed is even less harmful compared to alcohol. It became illegal because back in the 1930s, the government was about to kick out this commisioner to do with safety or something. So because he was about to lose his job, he wanted bullshitted to everyone that weed is why Mexicans are crazy and so people feared weed and the government decided to ban it in the US.

Good to hear that :slight_smile:


I always hate normal bear, if it is flavoured like apple flavoured or something then it is sick.


Another black coffee for a change.