What are you drinking?



@wammes, I’m always joking and meant no offense. Can’t picture a moment without my wonderful wife and know just how you feel Brother :slight_smile:

I’m Irish, I know I know… It’s a birth defect. Pay no attention too me :rofl:


lol, you bad boy.j/k


@Dobbie03, awesome! Yeah man… People who aren’t married have no idea what they’re missing. Congratulations Matt. I guess we just need to meet that person who makes us better than we could have ever been by ourselves.

That’s what it’s all about.


@altman, you’d be surprised. Hard part’s not finding the one you can live with but finding the one you can’t live without. Find her and she’ll feel the same 'bout you.


@Glenn .

lol, understand your point but haven t found her yet ! Don t look much into it know, been sick for a while, lower back , shoulders issues, diabetics, wonder which one would bear with someone with that much defects ! lol

Edit:typo.& added stuff.


@altman, Wellllll… turn that 'round. If you met someone, would those qualifications (if she had them) make much a diff too you?

Probably not, there ya go man :grinning:

btw, my brother was a driver and ended up pretty much running Swift Trucking on the US East coast. You guys work your asses off… Don’t sell yourself short man.


lol, yeah , j/k also on my end, might have happenned when younger , but now I m too used of being single, I don t see much seeing being with a girl friend or married honestly.but we never know as we say.

I worked for 3 fairly large transportation companies but never much liked it (1 / 175 drivers & others /more ) , I liked to work for companies with 40-45 drivers or less


@altman, Well my Brother no longer works for Swift. He took all his loot and started his own business not related to trucking (the bastard) Hahaha! :grin:

…But still has many contacts and pull there (seriously), let me know and we can speeka’ by email, I’m the oldest in the family which pretty much means, I control him. Hehehe! Not really… But yeah, I do :sunglasses:

Seriously man, Swift has incredible bennies and pay. Let me know.


Thx anyways great from you mate, I ll never work for big companies like that , & can t work for them, I don t have my green card, I m canadian, some US trucking company reps wanted me to drive for them, when they are sometimes in truck stops, looking for new drivers seeing what they can do & I told rhem about it & it stopped in there.


I missed that, what part of Ireland? If I am allowed to ask? I am currently in the North, working in Belfast (most of the time).
I am not against marriage, I am against marrying that guy.
I had to spend the day after explaining that I didn’t mean it, that it was just the booze doing the talk, but it was like talking to the wall.
All of that while dealing with a massive hangover.
Have to admit even murder crossed my mind as a solution.
So I am sober since, even if that in Ireland looks awkward.
People keep assuming that I must be pregnant. :scream::scream::scream:


Hahaha! :rofl:

No no, not nationally both sets of grandparents are from Ireland . I’m third generation American. :slight_smile:


Tonight? A bit of Espolon Tequila Blanco.



Looks tasty in there !


Hee hee. That one’s a 'lil devil. You have to just swat at the tail.

She’s playful but give her a full hug and you’ll not awake in bed.



Another monteiths black night for me. Its -6 here.



Have one on me ! lol 7;15 am here.


My pleasure @altman


Black coffee for a change,(again).


Just made myself a cup of coffee, out of good quality coffee so having to have a instant coffee…



I feel for you mate, I m on Keurig low quality coffee also ! lol