What are you drinking?



Not sure either ! lol

My 1st Black coffee this morning.


Looks tasty !



Are you back in NZ or is that available in Aus?

Just about to pour a cup of black coffee.


Black coffee also on my side.


Guess it s available from these places, from the site



Edit: wonder if these places are close to your place.


three 10° discount beers. It will be a good night.
Kanpai min’na.


lol, you bet mate !


Shit they have Big Barrell in Aussie? The guy that started that lives in my town. He has done so well.


Wow, congrats to him then. Just tought afterward that you were in NZ.


OK, you convinced me. I’ll make a cup of coffee and then open a beer.


Good call ! lol


Wish I was, but it’s one of the few I can get here.


Second double cappuccino. Seems it’ll the Coding Sunday, as it’s too windy to go cycling.


Wow , looks tasty ! another black coffee here.


Just opened a porter. I expected to be working on soundtracks this weekend, but got stuck in code and Inkscape. Alright, as well music, as graphics need some beer. :smiley:


Nice! I was drinking a most excellent porter yesterday. Went down like water!


Yep, hope I’m not going to run out of resources. All the shops will stay closed tomorrow. :slight_smile:


I’ve got two flagons sitting in my fridge waiting for me to crack them and then DRINK THEM!!!


Be ready for unexpected guest, just in case. :wink:


Exactly. The worst type of guest in my opinion, :smiley: