What are you drinking?



Nice, I do find the Asian beers a little lacking flavour most of the time.


Drinking some Hoegaarden right now. It’s okay, White Beer seems to get a bit insipid too quick.


@dobbie - you ever try brewing your own? Worked with a guy that did that. Helped him brew a batch of ale once. Tasted ok, turned out a bit flat, but that was by design. The guy liked low carbonation beer.

At university, one of the guys was from Kentucky. His cousin sent him a jug of moonshine; family recipie that went back to the 1800’s. That stuff was just nasty but kicked like a mule.


Excellent! We have a craft beer trend in South Africa at the moment. Lots of us are brewing beer now. When I was still studying, we did that because it was cheaper to get drunk.

I’ve mad a passable weizen with my brother, but he’s mostly the expert. He brews some great brown ales.


Nice, homebrewing is super commonplace back where I was raised


No I haven’t but my Dad used to do it all the time. Man that stuff he brewed had a kick to it.


@PackRat, I’ve got an old neighbor (relatively speaking, the homes here are miles apart) who’s got a working still handed down from his Father, he offers a shot of his hootch every time we see him but have never been brave enough to give it a go… He uses it primarily to clean his tractor’s engine parts during the off season Hahaha!

One day maybe.


Miller light. Usually what we have at home.

Had some whiskey tonics Friday.

Buffalo trace is my favorite bourbon straight. If mixing then Jim Beam.


Brewed in Tempe AZ - about 15 miles away from my house.

Kiltlifter from Four Peaks Brewery


Wow, that looks uber tasty.


No photo but lately its been:

Montieths black
Montieths xpa
Guinness and
Coopers Dark ale


Looks good to me !

Breakfast time here, so black coffee on my side.


Water, milk and lemonades. I used to drink a lot of alcoholic juice but since I’m living with my Czech gypsie wife and family I quit alcohol 100%. I have no regrets at all. I feel much better.


Had to quit: last time it happened I almost got married :cold_sweat:


lol, a good reason right !


@pippo Hehehe! I don’t know, can’t imagine not being married. I suppose my training’s complete :slightly_smiling_face:

@wammes, God’s Teeth! Czech gypsie wife & …Family? Vaya con Dios man, I don’t feel so bad now :grin:


I’m the same, coning up 15 years married this September. About 21 years together with Vic.


Currently drinking “la chouffe”, caus’ I don’t have any guiness =(


@Glenn. Life has never been better. I’m Dutch from origine but I’ve never felt more alive. Cikani culture is very old. The people have strong social life. Bad gypsies drink a lot. But most of them are warm hearted. I love my wife and the way of living it gave me. I’ve never been happier :wink:


Happy for you guys, never felt the need to marry on my end , my job didn t permit much( highway trucker, hauling mainly east-mid west Canada-US routes. Some times out up to 6 weeks at the time, wonder which woman would endure that !