What are you drinking?



Alright. However, I’d do with a beer, too.


In lack of beer - double macchiato. Scaling bitmaps with python.pyglet issue hopefully resolved.


lol, wonder if it will work out , no beer ! Hopefully it will be ok.

Diet soda on my side.


I’ll have to wake up and drive in 6 hours. Beer’s not recommended.


Oh, wise I must say, don t know the time at your place so pretty much screwed up on my end ! lol

almost 6:30 pm here.


Almost 0:30 am here. At least 2.5 an hour for further coding left.


Oh, you re an early bird ! As I taught I was one from say 4-6 am. lol


I usually work at night, while all the girls are in their beds. :smiley:


Hey right just remember it now. Yep might be quieter ! lol


Not until my wife finishes watering her orchids. :slight_smile:


lol, you bet !


One bottle of Porter left. Will help at Coding Night #4 or not.


Black coffee again.


My eternal black coffee, -19 C ( -2 F) this morning.


Need more coffee, too. Got stuck on rotating incomplete groups. Works well 3 times, gives unexpected results when used for the 4th time on the same group. Dammit…


lol, bad boy.


Holy crap, I did it! :slight_smile: And w/o coffee. Let’s have a cup in reward.


lol, you bet !


Monteiths XPA.


Coffee #4 today. Surely not the last one.