What are you drinking?



That would be awesome to do.


Jesus mate. Sounds epic. Bacon for breakfast?


No, KFC,

It was an amazing night.


Cappuccino #4. I went to bed at 5:30, got up at 11:00. Feeling like I’m still asleep.


Gee, a late bird right ! lol

Black coffee again.


Steinlager Black. I am really disappointed this is only a limited edition brew.


Me too. I probably wont get to try it.

Whats the difference? Is it a dry version of the standard Stein-grenade?


It’s a black lager. Tastes quite different from Stein-grenade classic and Pure. A little sweeter.


You’re not going to believe this but I’m drinking a cup of black coffee!


lol, I don t believe you, wth s happening here ! But I do !

But I do drink some black coffee right now ! lol


Unbelievable! I think I’ll do the same while my beer is cooling down.


My beer is chilling as we speak also. Felt like a Lager mood so I got a dozen Sapporo.


Wonder what was something behind it ! lol


Unsurprisingly I’m cooling porter.


This Sapporo is like water, and I don’t mean it has no flavour but it is highly drinkable.


Black coffee for a change !


Water again. Back to the office tomorrow, after a week off. What a pain…


Really bad quality and ultra strong beer.
Weirdly I like that kind of hobo gasoil, it’s cheap, not so disgusting, and does the job.
10 am here, will be drunk in few hours.
Cheers guys.


You made me jealous. Also 10 am here, but no hope to get drunk today. :confused:


Don’t be jealous, I’m a xanaxed hikineet.