What are you drinking?






Oh, tasty beer you got there @mrneilypops !


Damn! Ok that one goes on my beer bucket list. :beers:



What I call Porter contains 8%+. My favourite has 9%. Plan for tonight. :slight_smile:


As it’s still morning here: my 2nd latte today:



lol, nicee @philT

Still a black coffee on my side.


Was drinking some Steinlager Black last night. Just finished my first morning coffee.


Lovely crappy diet soda ( afternoon here)


It’s my brothers wedding today and they have a local brewery supplying beer, Brave. So today I will be drinking Brave Tigermilk which is incredible. Can’t wait!


Miam miam right ! Have a great brother s wedding.


That’s the right way to live! :smiley:



Current;y drinking a nice hot cup of black coffee, recovering from yesterdays drinking session. I lost count after my sixth but I’d say I downed around 15-16 beers and then there were the margaritas…


Were those pints of beer? :rofl:


Drinking with the Kiwi and Aussie exchange students. Halcyon days.

Just coffee with cream today.


Nice party there @Dobbie03

Diet soda for now.


I can only imagine, we do like our drinking.

@altman, the party was amazing.


Bottles, 350ml’s :smiley: :beer:


That s great , your brother s wedding right !


Definitely we should go for a beer together one day.