What are you drinking?



Could you explain?


Guess that it has more to do with health compared to other drinks @anon37345411 .To nwp




Never mind.



Have I said something wrong? I noticed your post about water and because I’ve been drinking coffee, thought water might be a good idea.


Dude, we’ve got to work on our communication problem.


Guess it s more of a language barriers here @anon37345411 . Nothing bad happenened at all.

Guess that @nwg misunderstood the question here that s all.


I’ve first seen the reply before you edited it. Forget.


@nwg What reply? and I’ve edited nothing.

I think you and are simply not connecting, I’ve no idea what I’ve done wrong. :disappointed:


@anon37345411 , look at my post above.

Edit: It s all good.


No point in doing a scandal of misunderstanding. Excuse me. Blue Monday.


Drink a diet cola, should drink water I guess which would be much better for me.


Whata what? I truly don’t understand.

@nwg said he was drinking water, I thought that was a good idea.

Facts stated

When did I lose track of intent here?


The only what displayed on my screen was:

We should really go and grab a glass of water.


Ok… Jeeez man, sorry I somehow upset you @nwg.


Just poured a glass of slightly carbonated. Cheers!


Don’t blame ya… May just do the same lol


:snowflake::tea: Today moroccan style tea with mint. My friend told me that the first glass must be “bitter as life”, the second “strong as love” and the third “sweet as death”.


Correct :smiley: ! If you don’t understand that, you can’t enjoy it!


The philosophy in a tea cup. I also love the flavor along with the mint :yum:. I always have mint planted but I never used it for tea


Black morning coffee again .