What are you drinking?



Oh , looks interesting @anon37345411 ! Still on some black coffee here.


-21 C here, so black coffee it is.


Holy crap, and I was feeling cold yesterday standing in an airfield for an hour an a half at a positively balmy 3°C, what a wimp I am.

More tea vicar!


lol, good one in there @Head_on_a_Stick .

Anyways, their are places colder than where we are also, would be hard living in there I guess.


Diet coke :confused:


Well , not the tastiest right ! lol I know when I get some , it sux big time! lol


I like this variety, it is with the addition of lemon. And something better is waiting in the fridge. :slight_smile:


Ah , found it ! lol, that will taste even better.


Coffee, black, always. Have tried to cut down many times, and also to quit! I am weak.


Seven cups of espresso a day protect against Alzheimer’s, they say.


Today I’ve changed to tea :tea:. I start studying again, classes start at 8:00 :muscle::muscle: I


Oh, back at school again @Negata . Keep it on mate.

My usual black morning coffee.


Thanks sir @altman! When I pass the exams I will let you know


Hopefully it will be good marks for you @Negata

Exams aren t easy some times



Oldest had her gal pals over last night. Four teen girls up until 4 AM EST giggling and cackling. Madness.


Later, when they leave the house, it’s damned quiet.

EDIT: water here.


Well , some action in there right ! lol So quiet on my end, alone .

Same coffee here.


Sort of. But I have the dog trained to get me up at 5:00 AM so I can walk her before having to get everyone off to school.

So tired …


lol, life s too hard.

Have the dog wake up these little monsters @ 5:00 AM also !lol


Right on man :slight_smile:

A step in the right direction.

Found it…