What are you drinking?



Ah , some spares ! lol


Every once in a while, I’m more of a caffeine drinker though. Alcohol dicks too much with my 25 neurons. If only four become impaired, my entire neural net could collapse.


-23 C this morning, so black coffee it is.



Where are you -Hoth?


Pretty much it ! lol

Nop in Canada mate. Diet soda right now.


@altman -23 C?!!! I went out to buy bread at 7:00 and we were at -1 C.

:coffee::fire::fire:A burning coffee (+ toast with tomato and olive oil )


-2 C here, but a big ice rink everywhere.

Water, slightly carbonated. And even more water.


lol, well a bit hotter this morning, -9 C , also my eternal black coffee.


Panhead Stout, Blacktop Oat.


Happy you! :smiley:


Black coffee again , each our tastes I guess.


Mine is gone :cry:


Bummer @gazeka74 ! lol Migh have an whole in that cup, happens some times !



lol, bet that doctors wouldn t like this @Negata !


Size suitable to a glass of brandy, too.


lol, bet some doctors wouldn t approve!


Wouldn’t be practical although


lol, yep , would need a big desk.