What are you drinking?



Well , need to drink more water, used too oddly enough.



Pretty tasty :+1:


“Python Monster” would sound better. :wink: :smiley:


Currently enjoying a nice glass of Steinlager Black, a black lager.



7:00 o’clock here. My second coffee :metal:


Friday evening! :slight_smile: Hell, still Friday morning here. Same as @Negata - my second coffee, at the office. :confused:


Looks way better than my eternal black morning coffee !


Trying a new flavor




That’s what I am on now, the black coffee


Lol, same thing here again.


I need a bot to post “Baltic porter (Imperial stout)” here every Friday evening. :wink:


Oh looks like it s tasty !


Onto my 4th cup of coffee.


miam miam !


I’ll say the same in 12 hours.


More Steinlager Black while I work on this refresh with Nate


Happy you! Just slightly carbonated water left here.


I’ll drink a Steinie on your behalf then


Thanks! I will repay tomorrow. :smiley:


I bought a case of my Java Monster. I think there’s electrical arcs conducting between my neck and ear loops.

I’ll never sleep again lol