What are you drinking?



I think I’ve to change to just walk. I always come back from training with injuries :face_with_head_bandage:


Yep , maybe you re pushing it too far @Negata !


Moscow Mule with Smirnoff No. 21. Yummy!! :beers:



English breakfast tea :slight_smile:


Certainly, what else? :slight_smile:


My eternal black coffee.

Will have to try to get my hands on some English breakfast tea one day.


Plenty of “English breakfast” boxes in my local shop, but none of them compares to what I once brought from London.


I can recommend Twinings:


^ That has the HoaS stamp of approval :slight_smile:


In lack of good tea, I’ll go and get a cappuccino.


Thx @Head_on_a_Stick lol, was looking on YT saw Twinings Tea , just came back on AL forum & saw your post, weird right !


I’ve been know to purchase a brick of pu-erh tea and make a pot using Mr. Coffee.

But even a 'lil bit is still a piece of heaven.



Moa Session Pale Ale.


Good stuff. Tried it over the break.


Yesterday my brother took an Erdinger Pikantus 7.3%. I didn’t know this beer. Is not too much alcohol for a beer?


That’s quite high, most average beers are around 4.5/5.0%. Saying that I have been drinking more and more of the 7%+ beesrs.


Ok. I’m not very expert in the world of beer. But it’s good to know.


The Sun has not come out, but I’m already with my coffee


Anytime is the right time for coffee


Wow, looks tasty from here @McQ ! lol

Another black morning coffee here.


Same here: black and sugar free. Task for the day at the office: drink 1,5 l of water.