What are you drinking?



lol, have a look @sevenday4 s Old Fart s Club thread


Well, I’m 54 and @altman’s 65.


And @sevenday4 Well, bore witness to the first Eucreotic cell, so…

… Do the math :joy:


lol, minus over 10 ! @Glenn .

But I must say that I m like over 100 in the Morning ! lol


:smiley: Agree on versions, guys. I’m 52.


Really? I’m a morning person, 4-5am everyday but I melt @ 8pm :grin:


lol, pretty much this on my end !


Hey are you making fun of my pet dinosaur again @Glenn? You just wait…but first I have to chisel my new wheel for my suped up two legged vehicle… :laughing:


Like Dino from the Flintstones show ! Remember this show. lol


Make sure all four surfaces are square, or it won’t roll quite right :stuck_out_tongue:


Darn! I was wondering why it wasn’t running smoothly! I have been making them as triangles. No wonder people say I look like a bobble head…I want to take a shower, where did that mastedon gone to. @altman must have him… :joy:


Hehehe :yum:


Coffee. Unsurprisingly, black.


lol, no surprises here right ! Got some in the morning.


Evening here, but I’d do with something black, too.


lol, another kind of black right ! Looks tasty !


Actually I’m having doppio espresso at the moment. :smiley:


I currently have some very nice Velvet Stout sitting in my fridge cooling.


Wow, not like my diet soda I have right now ! lol


I’ve been doing sports and I can drink two liters of fresh juice. I already have one


You re too hard core for me mate ! lol Walking s enough for me & snow plowing also.lol