What are you drinking?



Share with us your favourite tipple.

Right now I am obsessed with Guinness, it has always been a favourite but lately I have been drinking nothing but.


I love draft beer, but because of illness I can not drink any more, so my favorite drink is marijuana, especially if I cultivate it, only that it is illegal in my country, but as soon as I am retired I will move to a country where it is legal to cultivate it.:joy::joy:


We should open another thread on the legality of weed. I don’t smoke it but I support it being made legal.

I had a six month break from drinking as it was getting out of hand, but all back to normal. Guinness is a long time favourite, its just so good.


I am hcv positive, fiborscan 10 kpa, at 11kpa, you are in cirrhosis of the liver, so the alcohol for me is like poison


Oh man, sorry to hear that. I will drink your share.


To cheers


Guineas Stout is my favorite beer, too. From the bottle/tap though; don’t care for it from a can. Also a Canadian beer called Moosehead - the original lager, not the recent brands. Use to make the 2 hour drive to the border to get a case of Mooshead at the duty free store sitting on the border.

Also like gin and tonic.


@dobbie - they still have Swan beer in Aus & NZ? Drank a lot of that shooting pool and playing poker with our Kiwi exchange students back in the early 80’s.


Guinness is the shnizzle but mainly I like sipping shots of PatrĂłn.


Mostly rooibos tea lately since I also have health issues that don’t accommodate too well with some libation.

Ordinarily, Weizen beer of some sort.


@PackRat, I prefer it from the tap too.

No Swan, thankfully that has gone away quietly. I call it weasels piss, low alcohol, low flavour. I remember a family friend was staying with us during the Xmas holidays and brought a dozen Swans, they sat un-opened in the cupboard for years lol


The Down Under version of Coors Light, eh.


Exactly that. Not an enjoyable drink at all.


A dark lager that is brewed in Shiner, Texas US

Shiner Bock


Man that looks tasty.


Moosehead’s the shit my dude, I really like it anyhow, kinda like a poor mans heiney.

I’m in BC so you can pretty much find it in every liquor store


It can’t be as bad as Heineken can it? That is not a nice beer.


You my dude just seem to not like a good lager


hahahah No I do I have just had better beer than Heineken. :smiley:


Check out tsing tsao, it’s along the moosehead line, but asian… :open_mouth: