What Are You Cooking Tonight?

Basically, similar to the So Hungry Right Now thread but a little more in depth.

Share what you are cooking for dinner and the recipe.

Tonight I am cooking a baked Yellow Curry with boneless chicken thighs on rice.

I am cheating with the curry but it so close to what I have had in Thai restaurants I have no shame in using it.

The plan is to get some colour on the chicken cutlets in the cast iron pan, bake them in a yellow curry (around 160 centigrade) which is made from a paste that I get from the local Asian Supermarket that is made into a sauce with a can of coconut cream. When it has reached the consistency I want I’ll serve them up

Bake it for around an hour and serve one rice.

Crispy garlic and ginger which I will shallow fry in some oil will be sprinkled on top.

Can’t wait.