What are those modules good for?

Archlabs comes preinstalled with Tint2 (which seems to be some kind of a status bar) however, it also provides Polybar. Is Tint2 essential or can I delete it without any doubts? It doesn’t look like it’s preactivated at the start. Same goes for the menues: there is the jgmenu (which I practically don’t use at all), the right click openbox-menu (which I use when I need to edit my setup as it has direct access to the dotfiles) and the rofi-drun menu (with superkey, which I tend to use the most as it’s so fast and simple). Can I remove them if I don’t use them or will it break archlabs (because there are special tint2 entries in the ob-menu to configure it, and I guess they will stay after a deinstall)?

It hardly takes up any space. Why go through the trouble of deinstalling it?

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True. Perhaps keep the system small and simpl. I guess. Why should I keep unnecessary programms that I do not use at all? Altough keeping them wouldn’t limit my user experience.

Polybar and tint2 are both included in ArchLabs for their user’s convenience. Polybar is the default panel but tint2 is beloved by many who are accustomed to openbox, some use both. Polybar is fantastic and all-but eliminates the functional need for conky but doesn’t as yet provide an easy way of managing open windows (taskbar) nor does it easily give you access to system indicators (tray).

I know of no reason you can’t remove one or both although, as @wammes has eluded to, can’t imagine why. You may need to clean up the openbox menu manually afterwards.

The multiple menus are again, provided as a convenience.


Correct, neither tint2, polybar, or jgmenu are required for openbox to run, but the default configurations and scripts expect them to be installed. I don’t know what would happen if they were to be deleted, but not follow up with cleaning up the default configurations.


That’s very true. I really don’t know what would happen either and don’t understand the reasoning behind wanting to remove them entirely as opposed to just not using them. The space saved really doesn’t justify the hassle but to each their own.