What about T-Shirts/Stickers etc

Hey all,

I wanted to find out
If we have or we could have/make any t-shirt and any stickers etc

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They are some available here… fwiw



It’s worth noting that those aren’t our official products and we do not make anything from that.

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What the? I didn’t even know this existed.

lol, bet that listen to too much metal @Dobbie03

Is there ever enough Metal @altman? That is the question we should be asking.

lol, you bet !

Cool. They kind of look like the original Star Trek uniforms.

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I would suggest whoever is responsible for such a thing to get some official things.
def worth it … and I would pay for it … it might not be a huge thing but we can get some numbers together from a poll

I would not want to buy unofficial from the respective that it is not helping the community

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@stilla.johny The return on items is extremely meager… I earn about $100 per year with some 40 distros, Linux, FOSS and other logos. I’d guess my two stores offer some 250 items. It is --not-- a profitable or even mediocre money maker. I doubt very few businesses including mine earn much. If you really want to help a distro, it’s best to write a check. :wink:


That’s crazy, I wasn’t meaning to put it down.

I totally agree, it’s tough if you jump around a lot but if there’s something you use regularly; consider donating.

I don’t think that’s a great attitude, we don’t have such means, outside of the large distros I don’t think many do. Like @manyroads pointed out the returns on it are very minimal and really more of a commitment than anything.

Yep @manyroads . Some might think you re the next bill gates because of that ! lol

Keep it on in there.

Bet that with all the efforts put in there ,their is not much return right !

To me it might be the official way to go.

Glad that @stilia.johny put your post/link as the solution.

hey bud, reading back my message I have to apologies for the way I wrote it … looks a bit nasty…
its not my intention …
I more wanted to find out how to get some tees and support archlabs :slight_smile:

I am sorry if anyone felt a bit :face_vomiting: about it … !

bud, Sorry if It came across not on the intended way.

Don’t sweat it.

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