Weird Thunar behaviour at first start

Does anyone know why when I open Thunar for the first time after booting it opens at double resolution and set to Adwaita (my theme used is Adwaita-Dark). Killing Thunar and reopening it fixes the issue.

xfsettingsd runs at login so I’m not sure what stops Thunar looking as it should.

xfsettingsd may be the problem. Did xfce get an update recently? I installed it on Void the other day and it was kind of buggy - doing the sort of thing you describe. May not be restricted to Void packaging, but actual xfce bugs.

Just saw that, latest update on July as well as a pre-release.Wonder if it s on a pre-release version or the regular one;

Have you tried starting thunar from a terminal to see if it returns any error messages that might give us some clues?

Try this:

sed -i '/xfsettingsd/s/^/#/' ~/.config/openbox/autostart
mkdir -p ~/.config/autostart
cp /etc/xdg/autostart/xfsettingsd.desktop ~/.config/autostart
sed -i '/OnlyShowIn/d' ~/.config/autostart/xfsettingsd.desktop

Then log out & back in again.

If that doesn’t help revert the changes with

rm ~/.config/autostart/xfsettingsd.desktop
sed -i '/xfsettingsd/s/^#//' ~/.config/openbox/autostart

The bizarre thing it seems to have corrected itself. I’ll leave this open just in case this issue pops its head up again.