Weird terminal / shell issues upon installation

I’m expeirencing some super weird issues after install. I’ve reinstalled twice and confirmed the MD5SUM matches the iso, just to be clear.

On bootup, once I try to open a terminal, I end up with the neofetch screen and no shell prompt unless I press CTRL-C.

The Al-Hello script also doesn’t do anything… it just sits there with a blinking cursor. I don’t know what the issue is but it sucks because it makes the distro unusable for me as I can’t find a work around.

Edit: just tried the 2018-02 iso and same issue. If i try to switch to a VIrtual console, it’s a black screen with no shell prompt

Would you mind installing using the 2017.10 release that uses Calamares and see if the issue persists.

Sure giving it a try now

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I have an empty key, tonight I try to install the last iso, I will let you know.

just installed, no problem, either at boot time or with the Al-hello script.

I wasn’t able to install the older release. It’s got to be something with the fact that my laptop is Nvidia Optimus as it’s the only thing I can think of.

Just invited @nate, to see if he has any ideas on this.

My laptop is Nvidia Optimus.
For the bootable iso i used etcher.

A good alternative is just using dd from the terminal or Mintstick.

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I used etcher as well. I meant perhaps Optimus is the issue for my original issue

Does the shell work normally after you “CTRL-C”?

Does neofetch run correctly by itself?

Do other shells work normally? Test with termite -e bash.

If you think it is your graphics card then have you tried disabling the GPU and using the Intel card instead?

Does this happen for you in the “live” session?

After CTRL C it works fine but every shell is the same. If I switch to a ctrl alt f4 or other VT it doesn’t work either, just a black screen.

Same issue on the live CD.

Launching termite with your params don’t work either. Would remove neofetch help perhaps?

Post your hardware, maybe it’s too new.

Ok I figured it out. I dropped to a shell and ran Nvidia-easy-install and rebooted and poof, fixed.

Well done. I’ll mark your post as the solution.