Website Login Problems

Archlabs - updated to current
Vivaldi - 3.7.2218.45 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
Dell Inspiron 13-7300

As of yesterday evening (Monday) I can log on to some websites but not others. I can find no pattern - I can log on to some .com sites but not others. Some .ca sites but not others. Some apparently located in Europe, USA or Canada but not others.

I have made no changes to my system and have not installed anything except the updates from archlabs yesterday morning (however log in worked fine after that until it didn’t, beginning in the evening).

Any clues?

Can you ping the sites you cannot reach?

Have you bounced your router/modem?

Do you have any browser extensions installed?

Does Vivaldi have an “Incognito Mode” you can test?


I am able to reach all sites via vpn
This appears to be an issue with my isp. I have reported to them and they have opened a ticket.

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Pretty sure this won’t be an AL issue. Have you tried a different browser to see if the issue persists?

I agree. I originally posted here because it was the only help source that I could log in to.

My ISP has confirmed that my modem is online but is showing “a weak signal with RF interference”. I have no idea what that means. They are sending a tech tomorrow morning to check the connection in my building. It seems weird because I can reach all sites via VPN.

Anyway, you can delete or move this thread. If it turns out to be related somehow to my OS, I will repost.

Time to get a free new router from your ISP. :smile:

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Could be. It’s a Hitron about 1 year old that the ISP owns so if that’s the problem they will have to supply a replacement.