Webcam for video conferece to use with ArchLabs ( Skype or Facetime or something else?)

Hi all,
I need to do some video conferencing starting around the end of March 2020. Is there is good webcam that works well with Arch Linux? Not sure if it makes any differences, but my Acer monitor has built in speakers already. I don’t mind paying a bit more if the software included actually works with Linux. Otherwise, I have an old Windows 10 partition that I almost never use. I hate to have to go that route unless I have no good choices. Best regards.

Probably best idea to research this question, I personally don’t use a webcam at all but a quick Google brought up this

More than likely applies for Arch as well.

There is a pretty extensive entry for webcam on the ArchWiki.

Thanks Dobbie03. I did see the Logitech HD C920 Model on google. Wasn’t sure about how it would work with Arch Linux. That is why I posted here. Best regards.

Thanks. I will check that list out.

Just went through that list. A lot of information on setting up the webcam but nothing on specific models which will work with Arch Linux. Perhaps, this is almost plug and play. Right?

Found the link;

Thanks guys. You are all correct. There is a huge list of compatible webcams in the wiki. Best regards. Now I just need to sort through all of them. Hehe.

I would say “yes” based on this comment in the Wiki.

Most recent webcams are UVC ( USB Video Class ) compliant and are supported by the generic uvcvideo kernel driver module.

Since you’re looking for one to get, it should fall in the “recent UVC” category - just make sure to get one of those.

My USB Logitech has always worked (it’s ~5 years old) regardless of distro, including Arch.

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