People want services more than they care about what data is being collected by using them, the true adage of “if it’s free you are the product” actually means you are worth more if and when you can harness your own value and use it. You still have power in the marketplace, if you are the product, thus you call equally advertise it and monetize it. Like social media content creators already are doing. Also, who knows if you can trust Iceland with your profile? You’re trusting a small part of that using this forum.

JFC: Pornhits. That’s all you need.

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Absolutely, how I do on LinkedIn. Which is basically FB for company dorks. But trough the connections I do monetize myself indeed, especially non-related to my current job

I use QuteBrowser as my primary, I have to use google for work and I use google personally for things I do not care for searching.


BTW, gave Ungoogled Chromium a go again last night.
First: they are very up to date, not like I suggested before.
Second: there are binary versions available (also Flatpak) almost anywhere, so the old problem of having to compile it yourself is gone.
Three: the power of open source: GitHub - NeverDecaf/chromium-web-store: Allows adding extensions from chrome web store on ungoogled-chromium. Also adds semi-automatic extension updating. : this page shows you how to install extensions without having to log into Google.
Number 4: just save bookmarks to a file and you’re ready to go. Didn’t notice any caveats until now, only adding search-engines I need to work out. Although Ecosia is pretty good. Lightweight and quick browser.


@Peppe Easy hack. Works as advertised! Next stop … search engine.

For Brave Search, I’ve added … (https://search.brave.com/search?q=%s)

Compared to Brave, Ungoogled is using about 1/3 of the memory at initial startup with the same extensions, etc.


I’m still on Brave 70% & QuteB 30%, there is something in me that can’t stand Firefox(or better say it Mozilla) and I can’t explain it why, but I did use it for months on and off…always came back to this 2