Weaver Browser

This looks interesting:


Thx for sharing, Never heard about it before.

Have you done some testing, does it feel faster than QB?

I haven’t as yet, just waiting for it to hit the the AUR.

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Looks similar to uzbl.
Uzbl has been dormant for quite a while though.

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Looks like that isn’t going to happen — Trilby has just had an argument with Scimmia and decided not to package it for Arch, which is a shame.

A working PKGBUILD is available from Trilby’s site:


Mein Gott Always bickering, always trying to be right or prove their point. They need to let shit go. Fuck me.

Oh well. I’m gonna try out the PKGBUILD very soon in that case.

It’s not pretty over there right now.
Was looking forward to trying it when the bugs were fixed.
I’ll wait a bit and build it.

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Oh well, it’s hard to reach an agreement in Linux world. Even in Wayland, they are keeping both GBM and EGLStreams.

can’t you just run it in your $HOME after you install it via npm? That’s what github is showing. Probably way cleaner than using AUR.

nvm, I was looking at an old code base

I have to say that I completely understand why Trilby has decided to just not bother with the Arch packaging. He started a (now binned) thread about a problem with his PKGBUILD that was caused by makepkg not handling the Fossil SCM correctly but Scimmia just shot him down and refused to engage with the issue at all. Eschwartz tried to help but Trilby was too pissed off by then.

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Yeah I understand too. Poor Trilby, he was only trying to make something for others to use.

Has anyone tried out Weaver yet?


Not yet, working on a few other things. :wink:

I did for about 10 minutes, I felt lost in it, first hurdle is that the shield is active but adds are still coming trough, and I don’t know how to use the kbd with it, yet.

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I am a simple man and it shows, I am lost with this browser.