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Weather underground api not free any more!😫

I was reworking my conky when I found out weather underground is now charging for API licenses. Now my old API licenses are not working. Now I will have to rework some of the code that Mr. Peachy and others have written that I use in my conky (actually, updating someone’s else’s conky for Arch based linux). Any ideas of what weather platform I can use? I know of two possibilities, weathermap and the weather channel.

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Well that sux that they put some free apps to charge peolpe later on , looks like bait to me.

Hope you ll fix it mate.

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Trying. A lot of the work was done by others that made it easier. But now, those individuals work is kaput! I’m going to have to update their work as well as my own. Gravity sucks, but this takes the big one!:rage:

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This happens a lot tbh, a number of what-is-my-ip APIs are no longer free as well.

I can certainly see why given how much their servers are probably hit, its likely not cheap to keep that kinda of stuff up (especially if your popular), sad but understandable.

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Frustrating, but I do understand. But one has to wonder if this was the plan all along. Yes, I know that’s conspiracy theory, but…:thinking:

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Have a look over on the BunsenLabs forum. I’m sure one of the conky wizards there will hook you up.


That’s a good idea, since most of these guys are in that area. Most of their conkys were made for Bunsenlabs. Thanks

Weather Underground hasn’t been free for a long time.

Using their API was for a short time. The cost isn’t worth it for hobby purposes.