Wayland/Xorg Discussion

Dwm everywhere… I’m curious why nobody takes sway seriously.

Because wayland is far from X in terms of how easy it is to learn. Try creating a simple window using X vs wayland. I’ve also looked at the source for sway and it’s no walk in the park to understand wtf is going on. Another thing I’m sure is hampering the adoption is if you use a bunch of x-based applications you’re stuck using XWayland. Would you prefer to see a bunch of sway forks over dwm forks?

X - Let us do your rendering.

Wayland - You do your own rendering.

Not really. But having sway in ArchLabs WMs to choose from would be not bad.

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I’m very open to PR’s :wink:


Have you seen swc?

Yea, when I was looking into wayland for yax I stumbled on this, but I still think my point was right. It’s worth noting that what I’m making out to be a bad thing is also one of the main draws to wayland for people smarter than myself.

Just to get started using wayland and do some simple operations I need to either include some external library that wraps it’s for me (which also includes another small library to do the primitive drawing) or roll my own renderer/compositor.